Monday, September 15, 2008

a month later...

Well not sure if anyone still follows this but what the hell. Its been a bout a month since we finished, still finishing off some loose ends, physically and financially. MRI booked now for Oct. 29. Hope is nothing too major but lost of pain. Since Ive been back, I did the 24 hours at Albion and that's it, bike was cleaned and now hanging from the rafters. The squeezer is coming up so I guess i should see if I am able to ride.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finishers Party

For everyone involved in this year's race, this video of all of the Finishers at the Finisher's Party summarizes the entire week.

We're home!

Hey there - well, we're now home safe, and back to the 'daily grind' - back to our jobs and other responsibilities. I'd like to echo Blaine's thanks to everyone for their support.

Most of all, I'd like to thank Laura, Andrea and Mark. Without them, we truly could not have done nearly as well as we did. Driving the RV, the daily 'pump and dump', and making sure that we were properly fed and equipped goes beyond any thanks I could ever express.

We'll probably be doing a 'wrap up' update.... but for now, I need to get back to work.



Monday, August 18, 2008

Well its now over, thanks to everyone who sent along their kind words, it really made the difference. It was a tuf race, really pounded you to the ground, and then when you started to get back up, it hammered you right back down. My body is beaten, bruised and sore, 3 days of recovery then off to the 24 hours of Hot august Nights by Chico racing, what the hell am i doing to myself? Honestly though, the posts from everyone was really something that kept us going, thanks to all!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 7- VICTORY!!!!

They did it! Blaine and Ted are Transrockies Finishers!! Mom Betzold and Bill arrived in time to meet us at the finish line for their big finish!

Blaine and Ted made a quick stop in the finish chute to accept cold beers from Mark, and then rode across the finish line holding them high with a toast to their success.

Laura and her sign.

Day 7- Final Stage to Fernie

The race started this morning with brilliant sunshine, it's going to be a warm one for the racers today!

After seeing the teams off on their final leg of the race, Mark, Laura and I went over to the "Stone's Throw Cafe" for coffee and breakfast.

Shortly down the highway on the way to Fernie, a portion of the race trail cuts over to Highway 3. We pulled over with the other RVs and were able to catch Blaine and Ted mid-race just before their first check point.

Day 7- Blairmore to Fernie HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAINE!

It is incredible to think that today is Day 7 of the Transrockies Race. We are proud beyond words of our team for their hard work and dedication and also for their sportsmanship. We have heard so many stories of Blaine and Ted alerting other teams of wrong turns, letting teams that made mistakes pass them and helping people along the way. This challenge has truly let their character and integrity shine. They have developed a reputation as outstanding athletes, but also as courteous and fair competitors.

Today also happens to be Blaine's 31st birthday. What a way to celebrate!

The race starts a little later today at 8:30 am so Blaine and Laura have walked over to pick up their bikes from the mechanic and enjoy the last few moments of relaxation prior to the start gun. Today's leg is 78.8 km taking the racers into the beautiful town of Fernie, BC. Mark, Laura and I have had several opportunities to stop in Fernie for errands along the way and we are looking forward to returning. The town has events planned all day in celebration of the Transrockies, a bike derby for the little kids, a BBQ in the afternoon and a huge welcome as the racers pull into town. Tonight is the Transrockies Finisher's Party with DJ and bar. We were told that last year's competitors managed to party until 11 pm before crashing!

More to follow!!